YVR “Rainbow Bridge” Art Installation

The Vancouver Pride Society’s theme was “Together Again”. The Vancouver International Airport wanted something that looked brighter than the clear glass. My aim was to include as many of the (over 32+) pride flags as possible. Each representing queer communities around the world, I placed them in a way that demonstrated how intertwined we are while keeping the integrity of each flag used.

The massive space and glass substrate allowed me to realize an archetype of stained-glass windows that honour and respect all queer communities together with pride. The result brightened the space with a sense of joy and belonging.

The at-a-glance Details


Multigraphics, expertly managed by Miguel Cuenca.


Lead design by Lindsey Lind at Urban Uplift created on Adobe Fresco and Illustrator.


1600+ square feet on windows of the pedestrian bridge spanning from the skytrain platform to the main terminal.