Fun & Games

This design proposal for a creative gate and wall panel for a distinct washroom facility in Edgewood Park was an art call from the The City of Surrey. The call was to . The artist designed gate will replace the standard washroom gate and the wall panel will be affixed to the rear wall of the facility. Both panels will be fabricated from laser-cut, powder coated metal.

The residential area is a bustling, family-oriented space that caters to people of all ages, providing numerous recreational activities for outdoor enjoyment and exercise. The park, centrally located, features a vibrant playground, walking trails, a basketball/hockey court, soccer nets, and ping pong tables. People can often be seen riding bikes, pushing strollers, walking their dogs, and enjoying picnics. Nearby, there’s also an elementary school.

My solution was to create artwork titled “Fun and Games”, an original graphic art by me for this space.

Play is an integral aspect of the human experience, contributing to physical, mental, and emotional well-being for all ages. The joy derived from play is infectious and has the power to strengthen relationships across generations and circumstances. Whether participating, spectating, or even hearing sports and games being played, it contributes to a sense of belonging and connection, enriching lives in ways that extend far beyond mere amusement. Play is a timeless source of vitality, fostering holistic well-being for people of all ages. These art pieces primarily depict how play emanates and embraces all of us. They are connected by design principles through the use of shapes, color, and the structure to which they are fastened, mirroring the way play in Edgwood Park is connected to the neighborhood.

The at-a-glance Requests and Spec’s:

The design had to adhere to the limits of the materials

The design will be laser cut and affixed to the side of the concrete structure or mounted on a rolling gate system
Artist to recommend preferred color for the metal panel.
Use of text is highly discouraged.
Both panels will be fabricated from laser-cut, powder coated metal.