Murals on the Mind

The return on investment for a mural is priceless

Investing in murals isn’t just about sprucing up dull walls—it’s like injecting a dose of creativity into the heart of a business or community! They are more than just decorations of vibrant colours splashed across city streets, telling stories, cracking jokes, and sparking conversations; They’re value ambassadors, waving the flag of the people who work there and visit. Who wouldn’t want to work or visit a place where creativity oozes from an otherwise blank wall, pillar or sidewalk?

Murals don’t just beautify buildings; they turn them into landmarks, drawing in crowds and driving up demand. Suddenly, that rundown alley becomes the coolest spot in town, attracting trendy cafes and even becoming trendy cafes. They attract a diversity of boutique shops and people who want to live there alike. It’s like giving the whole neighborhood a makeover, transforming it from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.

Buildings are expensive so it goes without saying that extending that built environment to a user experience while using it as a place to do business, just makes sense. The numerous studies that report better moods and less stress are as easily found as the studies that report less stress and better moods create better results.

Murals aren’t just a good idea—they’re an investment in the soul of a business or neighbourhood. Some companies understand this return on investment. 

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